Château des Monthairons Avril 2020

Château des Monthairons Avril 2020

We were – probably just like you – looking forward to Easter and especially to celebrate this with you in the sun-drenched park in the colors of early spring, enjoying all the good things life has to offer. How unexpectedly different it can go.

Hold your breath, to think, consideration, confrontations, reflections and a different reality.

In a strange way it dawns that a generation was born around 1935 now – when still alive – around the age of 85 who were 10 when World War II ended and lived their teenage years in a strange anxious time and now so many years later at the end of their lives again living in a strange frightened and above all unpredictable time.

Years at war without a telephone, television, internet, tv, repeat football, repeat films often barely food and many other things that are easy to complete without too much imagination. It is hard to understand how it really has been.

We “survive” by means of a meter and a half away and washing our hands, which should not be too difficult, the reality feels more strange.

Like the merciless monster, the invisible venom seizes itself ferociously and poses a grim threat.

The consequences will remain tangible for a long time and the year 2020 will have a dark sign for good.

We hope that you and your loved ones will fare well and that we may receive you again on the first occasion that presents itself in an atmosphere free from fear, full of color and joy of life.

In the hope that the world will learn something from the situation, the exposed vulnerability, the nonsensical striving for more and more and especially the realisation that not everything is self-evident, we express the deep wish to meet again in good health soon.

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